Analogue Tribe

Analogue Tribe releasing on Q.D.R

If you are into melodic organic tunes with small details created to please your ears then Analogue Tribe might be the music for you. 

 Analogue Tribe is a project born during COVID19 with a focus on blurring the lines between different techno, subgenres. From deep organic house to some progressive elements and even some tech, anything goes! Analogue Tribe recently announced the release of an upcoming studio effort that’s titled “A Burners Tale.” The first of many that will release later this year. The force behind Analogue Tribe is far from new to the scene as the producer's history in techno dates back to 1995. The style of Analogue Tribe is everything from deep quiet groovy tunes that builds up and takes the listener on a journey to the more pumping tracks full of energy.